• Bar à Vin (map)
  • 17A Queensferry Street
  • Edinburgh, Scotland, EH2 4QW

In the next coming weeks we are promoting Beaujolais and friends (Gamay), as November 17th sees the launch of the “Beaujolais Nouveau”.

Beaujolais have gained a growing reputation in the last few years with some excellent wines, mostly of them organic or biodynamic. At Bar à Vin we will be offering a wide range, all available either by the glass or as wine flights, including friends from around the world and different areas of France. This all-stars Gamay selection will be complimented with a beautiful selection of cheeses and charcuteries from the Beaujolais area.

Wines selection

  • Cuvée des Gourmets, Cave Verdier-Logel, Côtes-du-Forez, 2015 
  • Beaujolais Nouveau, Botheland, Beaujolais, 2016 
  • Gamay, Ça c'est bon !, Laurent Lebled, Touraine, 2014 
  • Gamay Primeur, Clos du Tue-Boeuf, Loire, 2013 
  • Fusion Gamay, No Control, Vincent Marie, Auvergne, 2015 
  • Gamay, Sorrenberg, Beechworth, Australia, 2015 
  • Gamay Noir, Bow & Arrow, Portland, USA, 2015 
  • Gamay Thirst, Radford Dale, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 

Cheese selection

  • Galette du Beaujolais
  • Bleu de Termignon
  • Bleu du Beaujolais
  • Charolais au miel
  • Cervelle de canut
  • etc.

Charcuterie selection 

  • Saucisse ficelle
  • Rosette de Lyon
  • Jésus de Lyon
  • etc.