Our food menu is driven by a desire to serve top quality products which have been grown, reared or harvested by people who share our passion. Whether it be pastrami from Highland Wagyu in Perthshire or lamb and cumin saucisson from Peelham Farm in the Borders, we have often been closely involved in the making of the product. Good animal husbandry makes good beef, pork and poultry and we only work with farmers who have the highest welfare standards.

Along with charcuterie from Scotland, France and Spain, we serve cheese supplied by Hervé Mons, the famous French firm of affineurs. Mons are experts at developing the optimum flavours, aromas and textures for each cheese. Our cheeses change every week to ensure that we can offer you the finest cheese at their seasonal peak. From Pyrenean sausage to Banon goat cheese, the products we serve have a sense of heritage and are rooted in the area from which they come.